Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ungrateful F***ers!

Okay…this may not make sense to you unless you work with me….but if I don’t bitch about this somewhere, I may very well explode and I’m wearing expensive shoes that I don’t want ruined.

Oh..and if you do happen to be someone I work with. Stop. Stop reading this right now and never read this blog again. Go away. Go read someone else’s blog, but for the love of all that is holy, stop reading this because nothing good can come of your continued readership of this blog.

I’m not kidding. You’ll make the baby jesus cry if you keep reading this, and you wouldn’t want to be responsible for that would you?

Okay…now that “Those People” are gone, Let the Rant Begin!!!

My boss asked me to send out a mass email to all the employees that work at this particular location listing a bunch of Urgent Care centers and Dental Clinics close to the office that are accept our insurance. Kind of a courtesy email since we have a ton of new people here at this location, many of whom have relocated from other countries to be here and don’t have a personal physician. Basically, it was just a nice, helpful email.

I sent that email 20 minutes ago and I have gotten no less than 5 emails bitching because we chose clinics that are close to the office.

You Ungrateful Cocksmackers.

How fucking hard is it to log on to the insurance website and look up information pertaining to your specific area of town, you lazy bastards? These are the same stupid fuckers who bitched because at the last employee birthday reception (which we have on a monthly basis) their choices were limited to chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing or vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing. FUCK OFF!!! The last time I checked it was not written into your contract that we had to provide you with a single goddamn cupcake. I know…I probably wrote your contract.

Sometimes I hate people.

Oh and is "cocksmacker" a word and if so, is it supposed to be hyphonated?


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