Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Grrrr. Just Grrrr.

Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck!'m pretty much smoky. Like bacon or gouda...only with nicotine. And tar. And (apparently) rat poison-y goodness.

I totally suck.

I totally only had one cigarette.

It totally is helping save the lives of the innocent people who work in my office from the killing spree on which I was about to embark.

Well... it was either smoke or eat Doritos and the damn vending machine was out of Doritos. They only had something called "Hott Fries" which freaked me out or Sun Chips and seriously??? I kind of need the non-healthy variety snacks here.

Bastard vending machine refillers. You set me up to fail!

Seriously??? I'm about one step away from living under a bridge w/ the other junkies. I'm like some kind of really pissed off heroin addict, only with much better shoes. And without the freaky pox marked skin and the track marks and shit.

Oh and can I just say...those "Commit Lozenge" thingies? TOTAL BULLSHIT! Our receptionist gave me one of those suckers because she smokes all the damn time and can't just run outside for a cigarette whenever she wants because she actually has to do shit like answer the phones, so she uses these nicotine lozenges until she can go to lunch and actually smoke. Well, maybe she's not quite as crackhead about the nicotine as I apparently am, but those things do not work for shit.

Okay...enough already....I promise a post tomorrow that has nothing to do with either smoking or not smoking.


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